The 12th Man Foundation Supports Texas A&M Athletics


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Texas A&M

Recent retiree Dave Coolidge is a former hedge fund manager, one of Houston Texas’ best known. Now that he is retired, Dave Coolidge has time to play golf and watch college football. He supports Texas A&M, his alma mater, and actively donates to the university’s 12th Man Foundation.

The 12th Man Foundation supports athletic teams at Texas A&M through fundraising efforts. Founded in 1950, the Foundation brought in $16,182 its first year. The 12th Man Foundation now brings in close to twenty million dollars annually, helping to fund one of the greatest collegiate athletic programs in the nation.

Exceptionally dedicated fans and Foundation members become Athletic Ambassadors. Open only to season ticket holders who donate large sums, the Athletic Ambassador program exists to garner additional support for the 12th Man Foundation.

Ambassadors recruit new Foundation members, encourage generous donations, and pass on information about current Foundation activities. They also attend athletic games on the road and at home to cheer on the Aggies.