Ozark for All Summer Camp Serves Children in the Houston Area

Camp Ozark Foundation pic
Camp Ozark Foundation
Image: campozarkfoundation.org

Texas resident Dave Coolidge served as managing partner of Houston’s Velite Benchmark Capital Management from 2006 until 2015. Dave Coolidge is an active supporter of the Camp Ozark Foundation, a Christian summer camp for children from Houston and several other Texas areas.

One aspect of the foundation is the Ozark For All summer camp, which seeks to provide rewarding summer camp experiences to children from underserved backgrounds in the areas within the foundation’s reach. By partnering with inner-city schools, charities, and churches, Ozark For All offers year-round programing to supplement the camps. If children participate consistently through the foundation’s year-round programs, they can win scholarships to summer camp. The Ozark for All model utilizes support from Camp Ozark staff, alumni, parents, and friends to make each child’s experience positive.

Through this structure, Camp Ozark attempts to empower children, offer them an encouraging summer camp experience, and break the cycle of poverty.


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